NET:Jamie House and Neurologist Baroness Susan Greenfield

Success 3/3 Video from Subliminal series

Single channel looped video
*Alpha wave binaural beat

*Use headphones for full effect

Attraction 2/3 Video from Subliminal series

Single channel looped video
*Alpha wave binaural beat

*Use headphones for full effect

Fear 1/3 video from Subliminal series

Single channel looped video
*Alpha wave binaural beat

*Use headphones for full effect

About me

My work explores how we look at the world through representation by critically analysing the medium and apparatus of photography. Employing a range of alternative processes to the latest digital imaging techniques. Image production and dissemination are at the core of my practice.

I am  currrrently working with Neurologist Baronesss Susan Greenfield on a short film that investigates how social media is effecting the young brain and wider social implications.

My latest project Subliminal consists of three single channel videos that explore people’s perceived insecurities of fear, success, and attraction that are found in almost every corner of the internet.

This recent work consists of low resolution Internet screen grabs chosen by Google image searches. Jamie montages these relentless streams of images together with subliminal messages and binaural beats at particular  frequencies to induce a trance state where you brain is susceptible to information, the resulting images communicate  conflicting and contradictory meanings to unravel. These videos are stacked with layered meanings that comment on the way the internet preys on humans deepest primal fears and turns these feelings into a commodity.

My current ideas and work in progress

Recent exhibitions include:

2012-Insanitus Visual Arts Festival,Lithunia

2012-Royal Academy of Arts,ONE IN FOUR
2012-PHrame Photography Festival Brussels.
2012-Musrara Mix Festival,Jerusalem
2012-Brighton Photofringe Focus,Solo Show
2011-Aperture Foundation,”What happens Now?” New York
2011-DUMBO Arts Festival,New York
2011-Parallex Art Fair, La Galleria Pall Mall London
2011-Beyond the Lens,Incident rooms Bristol UK.
2011-Print & Design Now, SW1 Gallery, Bearspace London and Art Fair TBA
2011-For Japan, Hotshoe Gallery London.
2011-“Four Walls” Photo Ireland, Photography Festival

Artist Talk on my practice at the Photographers Gallery Folio Forum in conversation with Micheal Salu,Artistic Director GRANTA.

Lenscratch Hometown exhibition USA

I was recently Guest speaker at PHrame event Brussels showing work alongside Simon Roberts (UK) & David Horvitz (CA) Jon Rafman (CA)

I delivered a talk about my work alongside Laura Sackett and Simone Massera at S1 Art space Sheffield.

My works is curators choice

My work is  currently chapter 11 of the digital chain

Artist in residence

Insantus Visual Arts Festival Fluxus Ministerija, Lithuana

365 days of print New York

Bend in the river/Slumgothic Gainsborough (UK)


Shortlisted Noordelicht Photography Festival

Recent Interviews & Publications


Issue 7 Portraits

My “Stranger” project was featured in this A3 print photographic journal.


Read my interview about my practice alongside  photographers  Karen Knorr,Tom Hunter and David Bate.

Nom de Strip Arts Journal Issue 3 2012

Read a feature on my project I am doing with neurologist Baroness Susan Greenfield in this quartely arts Journal avaliable in print.

Excerpt Magazine

My body of work “Pleasing Deceptions” is featured.

Quarterly Australian  publication about photo-based practice. Excerpt has an emphasis on original content and creating an accessible platform for thoughtful insights and exchanges


My body of work “Stranger” is featured.

Independent contemporary photography magazine, distributed by electronic means and by a limited collector edition of cd’s deliberately left in public or private places.

Edited by portuguese photographers, and featuring on each issue a selection of photographers submissions from all around the world.

SuperMassiveBlackhole Journal

Issue 9 / 2011: Alternative Vision

SuperMassiveBlackHole Ireland UK is dedicated to contemporary photography and the photographic imagery resulting from the time-based processes found in many interdisciplinary art practices today.

GUP – Guide to Unique Photography

Since 2005 GUPmagazine is an active player in the field of international (art-)photography, spreading it’s love and inspiration for photography in general and art-photography in specific.

Wandering Bears Photography Collective

Feature on “Stranger” Project

Interview by Brian J. Krummelfor his forthcomming book, on my practice using pinhole cameras with reference to my first “Stranger” project.

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Digital C-type Montage


Digital C-type Montage



Digital C-type Montage